As a full-time player Miskimmin’s Little Walter-influenced musicianship blossomed and his playing live and on albums like Give Me No Lip Child alerted the blues world to a major new talent. Bruce Willis, himself a harmonica player, became a fan hiring Nine Below Zero to play at the Hollywood premiere of his Twelve Monkeys film and even sitting in with the band.

Miskimmin’s reputation quickly spread beyond the blues world and he played sessions for Stiff Little Fingers, Marc Almond and others.


An acclaimed solo album Billy Boy Comes Clean featured his songwriting and singing as well as showcasing some of the most thrilling harmonica playing of his career.

In 2003 The Yardbirds recruited Billy Boy, his soloing becoming one of the band’s most distinctive features, as the soloing of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page had been in earlier times. Live At BB King Blues Club provided irresistible proof of how integral Miskimmin’s playing had become to the band’s sound.

With The Yardbirds Miskimmin became part of rock and blues aristocracy, playing with legends like BB King and The Doors and earning accolades not only from Alice Cooper but from Jimmy Page, Scotty Moore and others

Ady Milward is one of the most sought after musicians in europe. As the drummer for boogie woogie supremo Ben Waters he has toured extensively throughout europe and the states. To list all the highlights would be daft here are a few, guested and recorded with the Rolling Stones, playing in with Bill Wyman and of course Billyboy Miskimmin's Mercy Lounge add to that his own band The Dutch Solo Mouses makes him a very busy drummer.


Smudge Smith has worked with Big Bill Morganfield, Colin John, Ben Waters, Rock Bottom and now Billy Boy Miskimmin. He has appeared at numerous prestigious festivals in the UK and Europe, including Colne and Burnley.



Simon Rushbrook has played a mixture of jazz rock and blues over the years in various outfits in London, Cambridge , Oxford and Europe with a diverse range of musicians, Ezio, Richie Cole (Buddy Rich), Rob Harris (Jamiroquai), Charlie Bicknell, to name but a few. 
Simon is still currently playing with Andy Grant Trio and Amy Mayes Band and now Billyboy Miskimmin's Mercy Lounge!